Scout-Guide Challenge 2017


Due to the weather conditions (heavy rains, thunderstorms and icy surfaces) the event for 2017 has been cancelled for safety.  We’ll try again next year!


Yes it’s that wonderful time of the year where we wonder why the Baden-Powells couldn’t be born in June, but still take the time to celebrate their birthday the only way Scouts and Guides can—outside!

This year’s Scout-Guide Challenge Day will happen as follows:

Date: Saturday 25 February 2017
Time: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Location: R.J. Kennedy Centre, 1115 Dunning Rd, Cumberland, Ont
Cost: $15 for Youth which includes : Activities, Site Rental, Lunch, and Badge
Cost: $7 for Scouter\Guider which includes: Activities, Site Rental, Lunch, and Badge
Who: Scouts and Pathfinders  (ages 11-14)

So what’s in store this year? As always, the Scouts and Pathfinders will form teams of four (teams of three and five are ok, but challenges are designed for four).  The teams will wander from base to base and take on the challenge and are scored.

We are looking for Scouters and Guiders to run each of the activities.  While a single person can run the activities, it is always easier if you have more than one, just so you can take a break, or have someone to talk to in between teams.

Registration is easy, just email Scouter Sue Lepine ( with your Group and the number of expected youth and adults. We need this so that we can properly plan lunch and ensure we have enough to go around. On the day of the S-G Challenge we will look after the rest, you pay the registration desk based on actual numbers, while the Scouts and Pathfinders register their teams.

After our opening ceremony, the Scouts and Pathfinders simply go from activity to activity in any order they wish and do as many as they wish. At each one they are scored based on time, distance or some other method. Over lunch the scores are tallied and after lunch we present the trophy to the winning team. As always, the colour of next year’s badge will be determined by the winning movement from this year, blue or green. It is finally green again, but will it stay that way?

Click here for the Group Registration Form and Team Registration Form, simply fill it in, and on the day of the event hand it in with your fees. Please e-mail Scouter Sue Lepine with your best guess on numbers ahead of time.

Your Scouts and Pathfinders form their teams and drop off the Team Registration form at the registration desk and get their Scorecard that they carry with them.

A description or all the events planned will be added later. Your groups can practice ahead of time

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Scouter Sue Lepine.