Odawa Area Youth Thank You

What is the Odawa Area Thank You?

Saying “thank you” can be easy… sometimes. It takes work. And sometimes, you want to say “thank you” AND let everyone else know what inspired you to say it. For Scouters, there’s the Thank You button on Scouts.ca. For youth in Odawa, there’s now the Odawa Area Thank You.

Read on to find out how you can say “thank you” to a youth and tell the Scouting world.

When to say Thank You

When someone has done something meaningful for you or someone else, and

  • it left an impact on you
  • it helped you or someone else out A LOT
  • you want all scouters to see the example that this youth has set
  • the youth put a lot of effort into helping out and his or her effort deserves recognition
  • great as the adventure was, without the youth helping at that moment, it would not have been as great or as fun

How to say Thank You and tell the Scouting world

Click on the button to fill out the form:

Odawa Youth Thank You Button


Send an email to both:

  • the Area Youth Commissioner (ayc[ at ]odawa-scouting.ca)
  • the Deputy Area Commissioner — Recognition (recognition[ at ]odawa-scouting.ca)

Be sure to include all of the following information:

  1. First and last name of the youth
  2. Name of Group the youth is registered with
  3. In 3 or 4 sentences, describe why you are thanking the youth. Indicate what the outstanding act or service was and include the impact that this service had on you, your section or Group and/or the community.
  4. When and where did this service and/or act occur? (event, meeting, campout, etc.)
  5. Your name and the name of the Group you are registered with.