About Odawa Area

What was the Odawa Area?

  • The Scouting area called “Odawa” was eliminated in August 2020 and all Groups moved to report to Group Support Scouters who are volunteers with Voyageur Council.
    • The removal of Areas was done for all of Scouts Canada.
  • The former Odawa Area encompassed a large, roughly triangular, section of eastern Ontario, from east Ottawa to Cornwall and Lancaster and over to Hawkesbury.
  • Located outside the town of Apple Hill is the Apple Hill Scout Reserve, an almost-300-acre wilderness camp featuring open fields, dense forested wilderness areas and offers many activities for youth from Beavers to Rovers and Scouters. The camp has hosted Scouting, Guiding and Cadet groups from many areas of Ontario and Quebec; plus, many Area and Council level camps and training events.


The Group Commissioners for the Scouting Groups under Odawa continue to meet on a monthly basis to share experiences, ideas and help organize multi-Group events. We call ourselves, GCoEO, Group Commissioners of Eastern Ontario.

Under the umbrella of this team, we will strive to continue providing outdoor adventures where youth and Scouters from many Scouting Groups can learn, participate and camp with each other.

Meaning of ODAWA

The Ottawa, also known as the Odawa, are an Algonquian-speaking tribe. The name assigned to the tribe by the French colonialist comes from the word “adawe” meaning “traders” because they had long been known as intertribal traders and barterers.

The GCoEO will strive to honor the Odawa name by trading in the spirit of information and experiences with the goal of developing well rounded youth who are better prepared for success in the world.