Old Wolves: October 20, 2018

Present:  Frederic-Francois D. (8th Orleans), Graeme W. (1st Greenwood), Karen E. D. (1st Orleans), Lincoln V. (8th Orleans), Susan L. (ADAC Pack and 1st Greenwood)

Fall Cubaree debrief:

  • 40 attendees total (low numbers)
  • Do Pack Scouters want this? Those present said they heard good comments from youth that attended, and said they like the idea of a fall Cub camp, especially if it provides an opportunity to learn/practise basic skills. 
  • There was agreement that no theme is needed other than “basic skills.” Basic skills are more useful than some unrelated theme.
  • Those present did not attend because of scheduling conflicts or not enough Scouters.
  • A suggestion was made to have a crest competition in April/May, with winner announced in the fall. This would promote the camp, and Scouting, and encourage youth to come back in the fall and to attend camp.
  • Lincoln offered to help plan next fall’s Cubaree.

Upcoming events:

  • Winter Cubaree, Jan. 19, 2019, R. J. Kennedy (TBC): Volunteers needed to help plan and run. All present agreed that same schedule, lunch and activities would work, though perhaps not the large balls, which broke. Suggestion to adjust activities a bit. It was good to have some with points and some without. If a Cub with special needs is going to circulate, it would be a good idea to let those running stations know how they can help that Cub and all Cubs enjoy the station in advance so they’re not taken by surprise. Theme: Winter Fun. Crest contest was great; we will do that again. Susan to put a call out at Area Meeting and via email and on Old Wolves facebook page.
  • Kub Kar Rally, Sat., March 2, 2019, Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena: New this year, Kybo races for Venturers, Rovers and Scouters. Details to come. 
  • Voyageur Council Cubaree, May 31 to June 2, Apple Hill Scout Reserve. Info to come.

Seeonee Awards: It’s not always easy to get the Howlers motivated to work on a project. One project that was mentioned is installing bat boxes and such at a camp. 


  • It’s challenging to get Cubs to stop and listen. A suggestion was made to have a Scouter signal to the Howlers when the Cubs’ attention is needed, and to have them do the hand-up signal. Often they are part of the disruption, so having them be part of the solution seems to work sometimes. 
  • One Pack had a parent meeting before the first Cub meeting.
  • One Pack found out at the last minute that they didn’t have use of the school, and since then, each Scouter has a card with a full meeting plan on it with them, in case plans have to change. They also developed contingency plans in case the meeting needs to be moved outside, etc. 
  • Getting feedback on the program from youth and parents is also challenging. The youth may say they don’t want to come, but they haven’t expressed their frustration or disappointment to any of the Scouters. 
    • This is where a Group Youth Commissioner could come in handy, as youth may feel more comfortable talking with another youth about this.
  • A suggestion was made to let Packs know ahead of time what will be done at Odawa year-end camp so that they can prepare. For example, if there were to be a competition on lashing, for example, this would make learning knots and lashing more interesting for all sections. Something to consider is whether the year-end camp should be a place to showcase the skills learned throughout the year. 
  • Susan promised to provide a reminder earlier next time. 

Questions, corrections? Email Scouter Susan (liddlesj at gmail dot com).

Next meeting: Nov. 17, 8:30 a.m., same location (T’Basil)

Join us for Howler and White Tail Beaver Camp

Calling all White Tail Beavers and Howler Cubs! Come for a taste of the youth-led activities you can enjoy in Cubs or Scouts next fall.

Where: Apple Hill Scout Reserve
When: May 11 to 13, 2017 (Friday night optional)

Activities (separate for Beavers and Cubs) to be planned and run by Scouts, with the help of Scouters.

Registration due Friday, April 27, 2018.

Download the form for more info:


Knife safety, one of the things Howlers learn at Howler camp

2018 Cub Car Rally and Scout Truck Rodeo

Welcome Odawa Racers!

Once again, we’ll be holding our Cub Car and Scout Truck Rodeo for your racing pleasure.

When: Mar. 3, 2018, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Where: Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena, Rockland

Registration deadline: Sunday, Feb 25, 2017


All of the information you are looking for should be in the document links below.

KubKar_Procedures_Specs_Rules_2018 Odawa_Kub_Kar_Scout Truck_Registration_and_Info_2018 ScoutTrucks_Procedures_Specs_Rules_2018


Fall Cubaree coming soon — volunteers needed!

Train-Your-Dragon Fall Cubaree, September 22 to 24, 2017, at Apple Hill Scout Reserve


Calling Odawa Area Cubs, Scouters and helpers! Come launch your Scouting year at camp. Program (under development) to include the following and more:

–FLEX (leadership training for Howlers)

–Basic dragon-training skills (coincidentally, similar to Cub Scout skills!)

–Outdoor Activity Skills (Camping, Trail Skills, Scoutcraft)

Registration deadline: September 19


Volunteers needed!

To make this a success, we need volunteers to help with all aspects of the camp: planning, running stations, registration, first aid, cooking for camp committee, campfire and anything else you can think of. Please email me if you will help out, at liddlesj at gmail.com.



Seeonee Award for Cub Scouts/North Star Award for Beaver Scouts

Not to be confused with the Council event a couple of weeks later, which you can find out about at the Council website.

The top section awards for Beavers and Cubs for Odawa Area (North Star Award and Seeonee Award) will be handed out on Sunday morning at the year-end camp. The top awards for the older sections, Chief Scout Awards and Queen’s Venturer Awards, will be handed out on the Friday evening of camp.

Date:   June 11, 2017
Time:   Morning, during Scouts’ Own
Where:  Apple Hill Scout Reserve

Print off the junior section certificates ahead of time and bring them to Apple Hill to hand to the youth. If you wish to purchase a plaque, you can do so at the Scout Shop.

If your Beaver or Cub wants to receive his or her North Star Award or Seeonee Award at the Odawa Area June Camp on June 11, please email Susan Liddle at liddlesj at gmail.com with your group name and the youth’s name BY JUNE 7, so we have an idea of how many youth will receive an award.

Parents\family welcome.  Bring chairs and bug spray.

Modifiable and printable version of the North Star Award certificate here: http://www.scoutinglife.ca/wp-content/uploads/bs/north-star-award-certificate.pdf

Modifiable and printable version of the Seeonee Award certificate here: http://www.scoutinglife.ca/wp-content/uploads/cs/seeonee-award-certificate.pdf


Come and play at Scoutermon Go, Odawa’s year-end camp, June 9 to 11, 2017

Odawa’s year-end camp is coming up soon! Some of our youth have been working hard to plan the activities, and it’s looking to be lots of fun. We hope you’ll join us!

Camp Info Odawa June Camp 2017

Registration Form Odawa June camp 2017

Key dates and information:

  • Camp takes place at Apple Hill from June 9 to 11, 2017.
  • Registration due by end of day Friday, June 2, 2017.
  • Cost: $25 per youth; $20 per Scouter/adult.

Hope to see you there!

Kub Kar Rally and Scout Truck Rodeo, March 4

Ready to race?

Bring your Kub Kars and Scout Trucks (standard and custom) to the arena for race day! Enjoy a hot dog lunch and the company of your fellow Cubs, Scouts and Scouters. Are you a Scouter without a vehicle to race? Come volunteer: we’d love to have you! Be sure to register by February 23. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Get the registration form, information and schedule (PDF and Word), as well as the specs, below.

If your Group is sending youth to both events (taking place at the same location), use one copy of the registration for the Kub Kar Rally and another copy for the Scout Truck Rodeo.

When and where

  • March 4, 2017
  • Jean Marc Lalonde Arena, Rockland, Ontario (1450 Du Parc Avenue)
  • Doors open: 9:00 a.m.
  • Opening ceremony: 10:00 a.m.
  • Pick-up: 2:30 p.m.


  • Registration deadline: Thursday, February 23, 2017
  • Complete the registration forms for your Pack and your Troop email them to 1stCumberland@gmail.com.


  • Cost: $15 per Cub/Scout and $7 per Scouter/parent (includes lunch and crest)
  • Note: You must pay for the people registered even if they can’t attend (the food will be purchased and prepared according to registration numbers).
  • Bring payment for your Pack and Troop with you to the event. Make cheques payable to “Scouts Canada — Odawa Area”.


  • Large all-beef hotdog (vegetarian option: vegetarian chili)
  • Bag of chips
  • Juice or water
  • Please note any dietary requirements on the registration form.

Volunteers needed for

  • Registration
  • Vehicle check-in
  • Pit crew
  • Scoring
  • Monitoring start at tracks
  • Scoring at bottom of tracks

 To help the day go smoothly

  • Bring:
    • Indoor shoes
    • A sweater or fleece (it’s an arena)
    • Water bottle
    • Nut-free snacks
    • Books, deck of cards, crafts, etc., to use during a lull in programming (final races, Scouter races)
  • No running or climbing in the arena or stands (all Scouters, please enforce)

Winter Cubaree 2017

Registration due Jan. 20

When: Saturday, January 28, 2017, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: RJ Kennedy Community Centre, 1115 Dunning Rd., Cumberland, ON  K4C 1P6

Registration: Email Scoutercharlene at gmail.com by Friday January 20, 2017.

Winter Cubaree info 2017

Winter Cuabree registration form

Let Scouter Charlene know by Jan. 20 if you intend to bring youth (even if you have only approximate numbers). We will decide the weekend of Jan. 21 whether there is enough interest to hold the event.

We are also looking for helpers to run stations, indoors and out!

Cost: $15 for all Cub Scouts; $7 for Scouters/parents.

  • Pay by cash or cheque (payable to “SCOUTS CANADA ODAWA AREA”).
  • Payment due at the event for the total listed on registration form; no refunds from Area.

Check-in and payment:

  • 9 a.m. on January 28, inside the community centre (one Scouter per Pack).
  • Gather your Pack outside at the front of the community centre with a designated Scouter from your Group.
  • Once all expected youth are present, have one Scouter check in at the table inside the gym.

Lunch is included:

  • Each participant will receive 2 hot dogs, 1 juice box, 1 bag of chips
  • Lunch orders will be prepared for your group. When lunch pick-up is called, please have ONLY 1 Scouter come to pick your Group’s box of food.
  • Special requirements: Under Allergies on the registration form, also mention if you need any vegetarian meals or no-pork meals, and how many participants for each. This will help us make sure we have appropriate food on hand.

Be prepared: Programming takes place indoors and outdoors, so dress for the weather!

Opening: 9:30 a.m. in the field behind the community centre.

Closing: 2 p.m.; pick-up immediately afterwards.

Who can attend:


Howler Camp: May 5 to 7, 2017

Howler Camp registration package now available

This camp shares a date and location with the White Tail camp, and we’ll be sharing meals.

Click here to download the info and registration package: 2017_Odawa_Howler_Camp_Info+Registr+Emerg+Kitlist

Registration due by April 28.

Questions? Tom Breuer (tombreuer3 at gmail.com) or Susan Liddle (liddlesj at gmail.com).

When: May 5 to 7 (Friday night optional)

Where: Apple Hill Scout Reserve

Who: For Howlers; to be run by Scouts with the help of Scouters

What: Youth-led camp to introduce Howlers to the kinds of activities they’ll get to do as Scouts.